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    the company has been producing and equipping refrigerating systems
    Condenser – Evaporator – Coil – Car Cooler – Condensing Chillers Consultation, execution and design of industrial refrigerator

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Services and products of BOORAN refrigeration industry in the field of cold storage design

Production and equipping of refrigerating systems (Refrigerator,chiller, industrial refrigeration,condenser,evaperator,Freiune )compressor,bus cooler

Supply of cooling system accessories

Supplying a variety of high quality and modern compressors such as German Bateser compressors, Durin compressors in Italy, Danfoss compressors in Denmark, and a variety of specialized equipment for manufacturing refrigerating and air conditioning systems.

Industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturing

Production of refrigerator condenser and evaporator in various capacities suitable for different climates and applications of fruit coolers, meat coolers, freezing tunnels, ice makers, pharmaceutical and sanitary warehouses

Holding training classes for installing and designing ventilation and refrigeration systems

Experience and knowledge are needed to set up a chiller, refrigerator, air conditioner, ice maker and a variety of cooling systems, especially on a large scale and industrial basis. We are proud to bring you the knowledge and experience in the field of boiler installation. Contact the headquarters of these industries for information on the training classes in the Bryant Industries.

Implementing and designing industrial refrigerators and various air conditioning systems

Based on academic knowledge and half a century, the experience of designing, commissioning and maintaining cooling and cooling systems is ready to help you from design to support of refrigerated systems such as refrigerators, chillers,And the cooling of industrial supplies has helped.


BOORAN’s dealers throughout Iran are always ready to technically support you if you need industrial refrigerators or air conditioners.BOORANCo. is ready to represent the eligible customers in order to expand its dealership in all parts of the country. Click here for more information.

Proudly, we are an Iranian producer

We are proud to announce that we are a manufacturer of refrigerating equipment in Iran and have done many projects both inside and outside the country. Click here to view the list of some projects done.